Traditional Liposuction Vs. 360 liposuction

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Liposuction is one of the world's leading procedures to reduce unwanted body fat and body sculpting. With the ever-changing nature of the cosmetics market, a drive for improving and optimizing Liposuction procedures is stronger than ever. Confusion about the different types of Liposuction is bound to happen because of this frequent technological advancement. Hence, it's normal to want to be fully informed before making the decisions, when there are many options. If you wonder what the different kinds of Liposuction techniques are, rest assured. After this article, you will understand the most popular Liposuction techniques. To make it simple, here is the crucial difference between Traditional Liposuction and the most effective Liposuction techniques used today.

Let's Talk About Traditional Liposuction First.

Traditional Liposuction is the original method used to permanently remove fat cells from the body and is performed under general anesthesia. A medicated saline solution is first injected into the treatment area during the Traditional Liposuction. A surgeon makes incisions in those body areas, and they are sutured later. A hollow metal tube called a "canula" with holes at the end is inserted into areas of the body to break up fat cells. The cannula is manually moved up and down in jerking motions to break the fat. The fat is gradually suctioned through the cannula and out of the body.

The Issue with Traditional Liposuction

Some may believe traditional Liposuction is a good route because it's still removing fat from the body. Although this technique does indeed remove fat, there’s more to it. The issue with traditional Liposuction is the manual jerking motions involved to break up the fat. These jerking motions can cause trauma to the body's underlying tissues, increasing recovery time and pain for the patient. In addition to that, it can lead to breakage of blood vessels, potentially leading to significant bruising. We must also consider the amount of fat removed from the body. In cases where 3-4 Liters of fat are extracted, the skin left behind may not retract back to its original form. This can leave sagging and unwanted skin behind, constantly reminding you of the past procedure. The discomfort and remaining skin baggage involved in traditional Liposuction have led to many advances in Liposuction. This longstanding procedure has great history of helping patients with fat removal. Still, as less invasive treatments arise, it's probably better left in the past.

Advancement to Traditional Lipo: Liposuction 360 HD

As mentioned previously, the cosmetic market is constantly evolving and looking for new, innovative solutions to improve surgical techniques. And like all discoveries, time improves the methods of which the technology is used, with Liposuction 360 HD being no exception. Liposuction 360 HD, currently performed at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging, is the most advanced method for fat removal. This is due to its multifaced treatment combination of Vaser, MicroAir Machine, and Renuvion technologies. Using three methods makes Liposuction 360 HD a well-rounded treatment for patients seeking a less invasive and more effective way to remove fat.

What Happens During Liposuction 360 HD?

During Liposuction 360 HD, three machines are used for maximum results: Vaser, Micro Air Machine, and Renuvion. The Vaser machine is used first by utilizing ultrasound energy to break down and liquefy fat cells. The broken-down fat cells stay in a liquid form, making the fat significantly easier to suction out. Since the fat is easier to extract, there will be less breakage of blood cells and infrastructure in the skin matrix. This leads to the next machine, the Micro Air Machine. The Micro Air Machine is used to replace the Traditional Liposuction method during fat extraction. Unlike the original Liposuction method, where the cannula is manually moved back and forth to break fat, this powerful instrument uses a vibrating cannula instead. The vibrating cannula rapidly moves back and forth to remove fat effectively and sculpt the patient's body without manually breaking fat. This instrument makes it possible for the surgeon to sculpt around the patient's musculature, revealing a high-definition look. The last step in this procedure is the Renuvion instrument. This high-performance technology contains two different components: radiofrequency and helium, and when combined, it produces plasma energy. When this device is used on the skin, it creates contraction on the fiber bands that are part of the skin matrix. The skin retracts, and contraction happens, decreasing loose skin without the need to surgically remove it. The results of these three instruments combined dramatically differentiate Liposuction 360 HD and Traditional Liposuction with Liposuction 360 HD.

Which Liposuction method is best for me?

Although choosing between Liposuction techniques get can be the hardest part of the procedure, we hope to simplify that choice for you. With thousands of articles about the different techniques, and so many doctors to choose from, the choice of Liposuction may start to become draining. The truth is that the several advancements of Liposuction technology has made it possible to reduce the amount of trauma in the body. These advancements decrease the recovery time and improve overall results, it's just a matter of knowing which method is the best fit for you. The choice of Liposuction depends mainly on the patient’s current body type, and goals, but the best way to know which technique fits your needs is to visit a professional that can accurately evaluate you.

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